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Within Nature, Humans are most Connected to Mushrooms. Really!

Mother Nature's Original Substitute for Meat and Seafood

A Few Easy to Prepare Recipes

King Oyster Mushroom Shawarma:
Amazing taste and presentation. Simple and delicious, served just like traditional shawarma meat on a pita wrap. This is a great recipe to those not-so vegan-friendly folks.
King Oyster Mushroom Cutlets
Easy to Make Vegan Cutlets. Cruchy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. Put this recipe together when you are craving something delicious, meaty and quick.
Asian Style Vegan Chicken
Secculant and Flavourful ! Prepared with a marinated tofu skin (yuba) definitely gives this dish an amazing roasted chicken look that you can't resist having a bite.
Vegan Mushroom Chicken Wings
3 Recipes: Maple Mustard, Buffalo and Spicy Gochujang Wings. Crispy, meaty vegan wings smothered in one of three delicious sauces. Bursting with flavour, each bite is like a dance on your taste buds.

What makes King Oyster so Great?

It's all about taste & texture with impressive health benefits. Enviro FungoMushroom Organic Mushrooms are packed with vitamins, minerals and loaded with nutrients. Plus, our (12) flavourful recipes selected for having the ‘WoW Factor' that will make your taste buds bounce and crave for more.

Mushroom-based Meat & Seafood Recipe Library

The World is Changing

We can either adapt, strategically pivot, and embrace change, or we can resist and continue with the status quo. Our instinct to survive, as a species, has always prevailed. Our ancestors evolved toward more favourable habitats, societal structures, and diet. Survival of our species depended on instinct as we must trust ours today in finding a new and natural balance. The merging of purpose and consciousness brings us to Micro Protein as a food source. Our belief is that the health and benefits of plant-based foods made of mushrooms is the new frontier. The world of soy, wheat, and peas doesn't compete in the way of nutrition, taste, and texture. As humans, we are biologically and genetically connected to the mushroom, mycelium, fungi kingdom. By rediscovering our universal role in the ecological continuum, utilizing these resources can become a healthy collaboration for the greater good. There are many factors which contribute to longevity and we believe that food is medicine. We know that our bodies respond favourably to natural food sources which ultimately fortify our physical and mental wellness. What we eat is either feeding health or disease.

Global Awareness

And Awakening to Nature
The impact of recent documentaries like Fantastic Fungi (Paul Stamets), 'Meat the Future' which was backed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and 'Seaspiracy' (a 2021 documentary film about the environmental impact of fishing) are driving awareness. They speak to the reality of where we are headed as a species and the consequences of not paying attention to nature's warning signs. At Green Bio-Med, we are interested in a wide variety of ecologically conscious efforts to assist our communities in growing strong together. We provide an ethical, sustainable, organic plant-based food source which respects and preserves the lives of animals. With the generous offerings that nature has provided and strategic innovation, we can promote values which increases awareness, employment through 'Made in Canada' manufacturing, and a healthier population. A primary goal of our entry into the market is to share these marvels with the rest of the world. The many unique and inspiring health benefits along with delicious meat alternatives takes us back to ancient wisdom and communal responsibility. Our business model is intended to stimulate the economy at many levels. Our initial focus is the food-related industries which have suffered greatly during the days of the pandemic. Your purchase and involvement has a direct positive impact on Canadians and other parts of the world where we source our selection of products.

Appetites and the Global Markets are Shifting

The Time to Pivot is Now
The world demand has begun to ethically move from animal sourced traditional meats to eco friendly plant-based alternatives. For the most part, consumers are unaware of the ingredients of the current plant-based products being served in restaurants around the world. At Green Bio-Med, we are conscious of how our products are sourced, produced, manufactured, and distributed. Our products taste great and satisfy both children and adults. Organic King Oyster mushrooms have significant nutritional value and they are safe and easy to prepare and consume. All of this with virtually no carbon footprint.

Mushrooms and Mycelium are More Like Humans than any Other Grown Food Source

Both breath in oxgen and release carbon dioxide. Our neural systems and cell structure are also similar.
MYCOPROTEIN This is a single cell protein found in fungi which is able to provide greater satiety (the feeling of being satisfied after eating) than traditional protein sources, like chicken, which is rich in protein and low in calories. SINGLE CELL PROTEIN (SCP) Mycelium is a single cell protein which grows quickly and naturally. It uses many different agricultural materials like wood shavings and corn cobs as its substrate. With the growing needs of an increasing human population and the expanding geriatric population, the demand for Single Cell Protein sources and natural bio pharmaceuticals has increased.

Power Foods:

Cultured Meat versus Plant-based Mushroom Meat
Mushrooms (there are over 5,000 varieties) are an antioxidant rich plant-based meat alternative which contains many B vitamins (B1, B2, B5, B6, and B12) and minerals (zinc, selenium). They are fat-free and low on the glycemic index which adds to its nutritional component and addresses the obesity epidemic in society today and the strain on the medical system. The attention being given to tasty juicy plant-based meat is understandable. People want a healthier option without giving up taste and texture. And importantly, the idea of reduced greenhouse gas emissions and the preservation of animal life speaks to higher consciousness and ethics. APPETITES AND THE GLOBAL MARKET ARE SHIFTING Many restaurants in different countries have started serving plant-based meat and have received great responses from customers, vegetarian, vegan, and non, alike. Because manufacturers have been working to match flavour, aroma, and texture, customers are responding favourablity to these options. A team of analysts at Barclay's support this in a recent projection suggesting that the alternative meat market could capture 10% of the $1.4 trillion global meat industry. It is clear that plant-based alternatives are one of the most trending products of current times.

Our Journey

Green Bio-Med is evolved and intent on revolutionizing the food supply chain using its own Dr. G Farms brand in the plant-based meat market. Our niche is mass producing mushroom based meat that tastes great. Mushrooms are healthy primal based elements that we can easily incorporate into our modern diets. Through incorporating the wisdom of ancient natural life sciences, we hope to bring forth and promote optimal digestion, less stress, better sleep, and an overall healthy lifestyle. You are invited to participate in a global movement to unify our individual and communal consciousness. This can save animal species from abuse and extinction while improving the planet as a whole. This also improves the overall health and wellbeing of our species with deliberate, beneficial, and strategic outcomes.
Toronto start-up helping the economy and environment.

Within Nature Humans are Most Connected to Mushrooms. Really!


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